June 6th, 2022

Upgraded by Jaded, our new YouTube series meets up with special guests each month to face various fashion decisions, challenges, and competitions.


For our first episode, Syrienna, who is best known for her modelling career, South Asian fusion style, and radiant energy, joined us to take Nottinghill by storm. After choosing three outfits from our latest collection, Dusk Affair, Syrienna faced three thrifting challenges to further style the fits through accessories outside of our HQ. Whether it was the task of using only charity shops or the time cap of half an hour, she ran around the streets of West London to create three finalised looks, later deciding whether they upgraded or downgraded her Jaded fits.


Tune in to find out about Syrienna’s favorite ever thrifted items, where she gets her personal style from, and how her culture is hugely influential on her approach. If you find yourself on the streets of Nottinghill, check out the spots from our first episode. Locations in order of sequence are the following: Lovers Lane Vintage, 75 Portobello Road, Portobello Market Stall, Pepper Tree Vintage, Mary’s Just Giving Charity Shop, British Red Cross, Fara Charity Shop, Portobello Market Stall, Jessie Western and Retro Women.

Shop Syrienna Dusk affair pieces here.

Written by Jaded Ldn