In collaboration with independent brand Cowboys of Habit, we bring you a 13 piece modular collection, designed with multi-wear and western influence at the forefront. With promiscuous charm, inspired by satire and millennial humour, the range includes playful slogans and loud graphics amongst 3 in 1 denim jumpsuits and reversible dresses.


Tell us more about Cowboys of Habit and how it started.

Cowboys of Habit started during the pandemic, when I was furloughed from my placement year at MATCHESFASHION. It was such a surreal time to navigate being in lockdown with nothing to do and months to go before starting my final year of uni. I began making random edits on photoshop to pass the time and soon realised I could probably do something with them. My first edit was a recreation of Matisse’s ‘The Dance’, where I dressed the figures in head-to-toe cowboy-wear. From there I began making more edits and banking them, unsure of what to do. I eventually went for it, decided on a brand name, made an Instagram account, and from there, I have literally no idea how I got the brand to where it is today.

Why is your brand called Cowboys of Habit?

Having a niche was really important to me in the beginning. My first design was inspired by western influences, so I really liked the idea of honouring that and continuing with the cowboy theme moving forward. I had a notes page on my phone of about 20 different names, incorporating cowboys into popular phrases. I bounced them around to my sister and best friend and ‘Cowboys of Habit’ was the clear winner.

Why is satire so important for your brand?

It wasn’t so much a decision it just felt natural. I’m a young person targeting young consumers, there was no need to develop a professional narrative, that would have felt awkward and forced for everyone. During the process of launching the brand, I knew I would need to establish a tone of voice and stick with it. Satire is engaging and allows me to keep the content light and refreshing, where I can reach my target audience in a way that feels authentic.

Why collaborate with Jaded London?

I had never seen a brand on Jaded’s scale collaborate with a small independent brand like Cowboys. It seemed like a huge opportunity to platform my brand and reach a new consumer base, whilst having fun and working with their team to create a versatile, playful range. The last 10 months have been such a rewarding process, to see our collection slowly come to life from a single mood board. I love that we have really taken our time on the collaboration, paying close attention to every last detail from the swing tags to engraving logos into the fastenings, to make everything as good as it could be.

What was your initial vision for the range?

Initially, I wanted to incorporate some playful logos/ slogans, and some multi-wear pieces. Multi-wear pieces are so much fun, they create endless options and you feel like you’re getting more for your money. They also offer longevity, which is something I’m very mindful of when designing. You’re less likely to get tired of them. I had previously designed various multi-wear pieces for Cowboys and they were super popular, so I was very keen on bringing this to the collaboration.

Do you have a favourite piece from the collection?

If I was stranded on a desert island with only 3 items, the ‘BITCH ON BOARD!’ baby-tee would be coming with me. I’m also a huge fan of the multi-wear denim jumpsuit, which can also be styled as 4 separates (corset, hotpants, playsuit, capris). I know a best-seller when I see one.