Cult of Cargo: The Parachute Collection

May 16th, 2022

The new wardrobe staple. Covering every corner of 'cargo', our Parachute collection is the embodiment of the viral cargo trend. The unisex nature of the garment has united both of our brands, which has had a huge influence on the success of the collection and provided the perfect opportunity to work together for our first ever Pop-up in la.

Talent such as Hailey Bieber, Tanner Reese and Addison Rae have been some of the first to snap-up and style our sell out Parachute pants.

Jaded Man took a drawn-back approach to their campaign aesthetic, honing in on functionality and utilitarianism. having herbie mensah on board and the face of the collection bought a strong sense of genuineness to the launch; channelling the inspiration for the design and projecting the aesthetic and personality.

Herbie’s fashion career began in the 1980s as model and muse for notable, inspiring names in the industry. In 1993, he began selling and up-cycling vintage surplus clothing at the famous Portobello Market where he can still be found each weekend. We invited the West London icon down to the studio to be one of the first to try out our new Parachute Pant paired alongside his personal archive for our latest surplus-inspired campaign.

The inspiration behind The Parachute Pants comes from the M-51 & M-65 field pants as worn by the U.S army in 1951 & 1965. We updated the pockets and materials to offer a lighter weight, ballooned cotton silhouette to create a modern touch on a classic staple. The pants are fully adjustable at the waist and ankle to allow the wearer to experiment in a multitude of ways.

taking a different approach, our womenswear team were able to explore ‘cargo’ unconventionally, releasing a larger collection that projected the utility trend in a refreshing light. We continued to adopt the explorer profile throughout our campaign but brought a very playful element to the collection. Experimenting with a huge arrange of hiking gear on set, channeling the inspiration and aesthetic for the collection, we were able to capture some incredible shots. Our super mini y2k cargo skirts and matching corsets, best selling umbra dress in Khaki, and maxi cargo skirts complemented the highly sought-after parachute pants.

For the women’s campaign, Debbie Darko was our immediate muse. Her individuality, style, and aesthetic mirrored our vision; giving her the opportunity to bring her personal styling into the shoot added another dynamic layer. Whether it was the vintage Prada boots that she had sourced from Tokyo or her Dior sunglasses, having Debbie’s input allowed authenticity to flourish throughout the shoot.

In recent times, we’ve seen the parachute pants blow up to all new levels on TikTok. Be sure to keep up to date over on @Jadedldn and @Jaded_Man to see how everybody is wearing theirs!

Coachella: Styled by Dani Michelle, Hailey Bieber paired our Khaki Cargo pants with a crop Aerosmith t-shirt and oversized jacket. See here for further access into Hailey’s fit on Vogue. How will you style yours?

Written by Jaded Ldn

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