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Now part of the alumni of the MIC cast, Emily Weller is making her mark in the fashion world with her label Luna Loves London which focuses on super cute accessories! We caught up with her in ode to it being our favourite day of the year - International Women’s Day - to see what makes the Girl Boss tick, what advice she has for us and basically just because she’s an absolute babe!

What made you initially think of the business idea? I’ve always been a backpack over handbag kind of girl and at the time there weren’t a lot of mini backpacks about. So I wanted to design a range that catered to a quirky audience with a multi functional purpose and suitable for any occasion.

Have you had to steer the sort of target market you wanted to shop with you? I haven’t had to steer too much into who my target audience should be because my products are accessible to anyone. It’s for people who want something more fun as it’s miniature but also practical. You can fit more in it than you think you can!

What has been the hardest part of getting where you are today? With having my stuff currently made in the U.K. my main challenge (as any designer will know) is cost and manufacturing. Making sure each sample is what I want and what my client needs and whether it functions currently. For example; finding fabrics that withstand the weight that a rucksack should hold whilst also being small. It’s all about trial and error when you’re first starting a business.

The high-light of your career so far? Being able to sell my stuff in Topshop last summer was very exciting for me especially as a new business. Also having the opportunity to meet the people who brought my products and hearing feedback was really educational.

Best piece of advice you have every received? Never give up and follow your dreams.

What would you tell your 17-year-old self now? Not to worry too much about the future. What you give out is what you receive. If you want something you have got to work hard for it. Especially don’t give up when things get tough.

The best thing about being your own boss? Freedom to do what I want with my designs and being able to express myself freely. Having the opportunity to travel when I want is a huge bonus. I’m currently travelling around Asia sourcing different fabrics and developing new ideas to help expand my business into clothes.

Emily Weller Founder, Luna Love London



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