February 2nd, 2023

This month we made our long awaited-return to Paris to show off our latest collection, Fracture, in the height of Paris Fashion Week.

With the collection itself leaning to the routes of 90s grunge, it felt very apt for the campaign to feel and revolve around the life of a band on tour. We had the pleasure of shooting with some amazing faces (@ianjeffrey, @clod._, @fishmcbites, @fearloveryu, @rozzydc, @jorique___ & @lsawilliamson) who embodied the vibe exactly as envisioned.

The collection features distressed, cropped silhouettes with ribbed enzyme washes throughout, as well as our newest denim addition, the washed black Razor jean, that perfectly juxtaposed with the luxurious architecture of the Paris streets.

Photographer @micalvalusek was the obvious choice from the get-go to capture such a specific feeling and tell the full story of Fracture, with her ability to portray candid shots that feel nostalgic and raw, all while showing the collection in it’s full glory.

Shop Fracture now.

Written by Jaded Ldn

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