Our core range brings you a timeless collection, replete with essential pieces and versatile layers, designed to transition you from casual to statement. Keeping it true to Jaded, we've drawn from early 2000s aesthetics, working with our signature silhouettes and adopting a more neutral colour palette.

Photographer @beejamest
Model @emillynunes
Hair @louissouvestre
Makeup @mattiewhite_makeup
Creative @ginimisselbrook @katiescotts @mimoradguy
Styling @sushiandbaklava
Creative assistant @waleria7p

Having previously shot our Hotline campaign in LA with Jordan Daniels, James Bee joined us in London to shoot our CORE campaign. Bringing an element of surrealism to set, the creative direction for the campaign bought the outside, in, reimagining the everyday 'home'.

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