Happy International Women's Day to all our beautiful babes!

We are working with 'Love Support Unite' this IWD, who have designed a variety of super cute love heart sunglasses that have a flip down love heart filter... so you really do see love everywhere you look! ❤️

See the below information taken from the Love Specs website to learn a little more about the sunglasses and the charity itself.

"Love Specs are sunglasses with diffraction lenses that allow the wearer to see hearts where ever there is light. They were developed by our founders, Nina and Alice Pulford, as a way of engaging people and building awareness of the charity Love Support United Africa Foundation.

One of the most difficult part of fundraising is building awareness and creating a way that individuals can donate and have something to remind them of that kind donation to a worthy cause. Love Specs help our charity by enabling fundraising that supports projects that help us overcome extreme poverty.

We believe in the power of love to change the world. LoveSpecs helps us all see a physical manifestation of love. They come in great colours and are fun for the whole family (including the kids) to wear. Summer just wouldn’t be the same without them!"

Click here to purchase your own pair of Love Specs and support this wonderful cause!


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