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Runs a little big, size down, but super nice.

Decent quality, super stylish top.

Its a nice fit beanie however very fuzzy in person hard to see design graphic detail will have to shave some fuzz to my liking! Thanks.

Quality is so bad 🤮🤮🤮🤮

A lot lighter than the colour in the picture. Has fabric chalk on the leg the number 16, very low quality denim feels like tissue paper has been suffocated in starch spray

their sizing is so weird and on the website it says to size up. so wrong size down.

didn’t realize the silver rings on the bag. but it is nice overall

i look tooo good

Perfect, buckle is a tiny bit small but still great

Super high quality but waist is very tight I suggest going a size up

fav jeans rn!

exactly as how i expected to see them

amazing fit and quality

The best jeans I have in my wardrobe…

Is a bit small for me (187m, 70kg), but the quality and print are awesome

Perfect. Can’t stop wearing it everyday tbh…

Astonishing style and quality

Man read my black review … 10/10 tho

Super cozy and they do run on the wide baggy size but love them. Kinda sus for the rip in the back … but still clean

Print is great and so is the fit!

Artwork is beautiful and the quality is expected of these types of cotton joggers, however sizing is a miss. While I understand these have an oversized fit, they are WAY too oversized. I got an XS and they are HUGE on me. Definitely not petite person friendly. I even let my brother try them on and even though he’s bigger and taller than me he struggled to keep these pants up without them falling right off his waist. Will be attempting to shrink them to a wearable oversized fit but they are truly colossal so I am not optimistic.

Can’t fit it it’s too small

waist is tight

the waist is tight

Run very small.