August 8th, 2022

What happens when two global brands collaborate on a 6-piece limited edition collection? The juiciest, risqué collab of the year launches, sending the whole world into a spiral. This is what happened when Jaded London partnered with Omighty to bring a capsule of iconic designs which pushed boundaries and reflected the strongest values of both iconic brands.

The two female leaders explored areas that embody them both whilst simultaneously experimenting with new twists on some old classics, featuring maxi skirts to denim corsets, each wearable in their own ways. The pieces were created with the intention to unleash feminine sexuality, playfulness and empower its wearers. Cherry studded and rich in red, pink, black & white the collection is sure to ignite a bold, flirtatious confident energy for anyone that wears it.

In order to celebrate the iconic pairing, the campaign featured two recognisable faces who personify the whole story of the collection, playfulness, feminine liberation and rebellion. Chi Virgo and Joanna Kutcha unleashed the perfect visual identity of the collaboration, showcasing just how the raunchy designs should be worn. Taking inspiration from the world of 2000s make-up, thin brows, white eyeshadow and heavy liner were paired with recognisable naughty’s styling such as striper heels, wrap-around sunglasses and tooth-gems.

Creative Team:

Photography & video by @annazinaaa
Talent @chivirgo @joannakuchta
Creative / styling @ginimisselbrook @___gbass @danaevans6
Hair stylist @joekelllz
Makeup artist @jnx_mua
Nail artist @ellavivii
Tooth gem artist @oona_beauty
Creative assistants @miatanguy @mayapotishman15
Photo Assistant @lilingtons

In addition to the campaign, custom PR boxes replicating giant cigarette boxes, with classic Omighty slogans were sent all over the world. Each containing a leaked Jaded London phone number, with a custom voicemail to entice and tease the world about the juiciest collaboration yet.


Jaded London x Omighty is available to shop now on, limited edition and guaranteed sex appeal.

Written by Jaded Ldn

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