JULY, 2023

Step into a world where dark elegance meets summertime allure. Jaded Menswear's latest collection, a range that embraces the sultry side of summer through the perfect blend of dark sophistication and unique sillhouettes.

Sombre Été captures the essence of those hazy summer nights. The collection effortlessly blends the melancholic beauty of the season with the undeniable allure of Jaded’s signature aesthetic. The result is a captivating fusion of dark hues, textures, and eye-catching silhouettes.

Tailored pieces, distressed vegan leather accents, and prints.
For part one of the campaign, a narrative unfolds through Luna Conte's lens. Luna, known for her clean-candid style, adds an additional dimension to the collection, focusing on a group of friends in their Parisian home.
Luna's imagery captures the essence of friendship, intimacy, and carefree moments. The candid shots reveal the genuine connections and shared experiences of the group, bringing a sense of authenticity and relatability to the campaign. Through her unique storytelling approach, Luna adds another layer of depth to Sombre Été, illustrating that style is not just about clothing but also the memories and bonds formed when wearing them.


For our second campaign, step into a world of Parisian youth as Sombre Été's takes you on a visual journey through the streets of Paris. Shot by photographer Richie Talboy, the campaign tells a story of youthful vibrancy and urban allure, capturing the essence of the city's dynamic spirit. Richie's photographs reflect the city's soul—its electric energy, hidden corners, and a vibrant clash of cultures.



Through his lens, the campaign immerses you in a sensory experience, evoking emotions and inspiring you to embrace your own unique expression.



Each shot tells a story of passion, rebellion, and a fearless approach to style, encouraging you to embrace your individuality and carve your own path.


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