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Comfy, good quality, stylish. They will undoubtedly look good with your Doc Martens.

i love these

I returned it as they didn’t suit me

The fit of this dress is crazy. I wear a size b in bra size and the dress couldn’t even cover my nipples. Very disappointed, i really wanted to wear it for my bday.

Sexy and cute

stream the name chapter freefall!!

stream chasing that feeling

Thanks yeonjun for making me buy it🫂

After one wash they are completely ruined

Great fit, true to size!


Subtract Vest

Came fast and perfect size!!! I honestly listened to the size recommendation survey bc I wasn’t sure how it would fit, but it seemed to work!

Normally wearing a size medium this was very small and the arm length was extra extra long so I feel the fit did not work for me. But the garment is really nice well-made nice material. I was disappointed it did not fit.

Gorgeous, however not much support for boobs!

Fit is amazing, pants are a bit long. I got it for sale which I recommend getting them during a sale since the quality isn’t on a carhartt level but slightly better than levi. Honestly not worth $110. but overall i love the pants and it came quick :)

super baggy but some details aren’t shown correctly on the picture compared to the actual pants but they still cool

Runs a little big, size down, but super nice.

Decent quality, super stylish top.

Its a nice fit beanie however very fuzzy in person hard to see design graphic detail will have to shave some fuzz to my liking! Thanks.

Quality is so bad 🤮🤮🤮🤮

A lot lighter than the colour in the picture. Has fabric chalk on the leg the number 16, very low quality denim feels like tissue paper has been suffocated in starch spray

their sizing is so weird and on the website it says to size up. so wrong size down.

didn’t realize the silver rings on the bag. but it is nice overall

i look tooo good