November 18th, 2022

The statement dress is a pillar of Jaded style, in our Centrepiece AW22 collection she takes centre stage. With Grecian-inspired statuesque looks, as well as some darker, moodier takes on some of our most iconic styles, Centrepiece is all about attention-grabbing looks and turning heads.

It was unspokenly clear that the campaign for Centrepiece had to channel the proud presence that each dress in the collection holds. The initial planning for the campaign began with Sonya as the muse. Known for her contortion art, elegance and striking look, she was the perfect individual to fill the role of a statuesque figure, making the centrepiece of the table.

Giving a nod to the collection's gothic inspiration by using beautiful grand tables, finding the balance to execute the campaign in a contemporary light was hugely important. Six dresses, six tables, and six final images. Using three handprinted canvas backdrops helped in translating the mood of the image, whilst complimenting and showcasing the collection designs.

Talent @sonyamohova
Photographer @annie_reid
Creative lead @ginimisselbrook
Creative exec @katiescotts
Creative assistant @miatanguy
Makeup and nails @_chingisabella
Nail Assistant @susanabananaa
Hair @louissouvestre
Lighting assistant @_inskipp
Jewellery @Luckylittleblighters @meltedpotato

See below for video

Written by Jaded Ldn

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